World Champion Karpov Summer Camp

July 29th - August 2nd | 9AM - 5PM

Invitational Chess Max Academy Camp with Anatoly Karpov, Boris Avrukh, and Maxim Dlugy.

Karpov Summer Camp features three of the top coaches in the world & will be open to 1800+ students who are serious about continuing their chess education. Students will be invited and accepted based on their interest in the game and chess accomplishments.


July 29th – August 2nd, 2019  |  From 9AM – 5PM

Each day with break for lunch


Chess Max Academy at 1470 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10075

Student Limit:


Rating Minimum:

Players have to have achieved a rating of 1800 or be in the top 20 of the rating list in their age group in U.S.


$1600 paid before March 1, 2019. $2000 thereafter

GM/IM Norms Invitational Round Robin Tournaments – August 3rd-7th.

Immediately following the camp from, there will be held 4 Round Robin FIDE rated norm tournaments 9 rounds each, with GM, IM, and other norms available.
Players hunting for GM/IM norms will have to pay an Entry Fee of $800. $200 less for foreign norm-hunters.
There will be a $400 discount for norm-hunters who have completed the Karpov camp!

Rounds 1-8 will be played 2 rounds per day, with the last round taking place on August 7th.

Additionally, there will be a FIDE rated rapid and FIDE rated Blitz tournaments taking place on Tuesday and Friday of the camp week with cash prizes. We encourage all campers to enroll, as the coaches will be on hand to give advice on how to improve their speed play.
Entry fee to these events will be $60/event. $1000 in prizes will be guaranteed for each event.

About the coaches:

Anatoly Karpov – the legendary 12th World Chess Champion has a unique chess style where he looks to dominate his opponent by stopping all counter-play while gradually unfolding his own plans. Karpov teaches only one chess camp in the world and this is your chance to learn from the very best!

Boris Avrukh – Boris started young, winning the World Under 12 Championships, and becoming Champion of Israel, where he lived 2 times. In the last 10 years, Boris has focused on coaching, while becoming one of the foremost experts on the 1.d4 openings. He has coached Gelfand during the title match with Anand, Kramnik, Radjabov and Caruana among many other top players.

Maxim Dlugy – Maxim, the founder of Chess Max Academy, was a World Junior Champion, and the highest rated blitz player in the world. He has worked with both Kasparov and Karpov in preparing them for top events, including World Championships and his students in the last 5 years have won more than 15 National, World, and North-American Youth Championships.
His focus is on middlegame preparation and improving your speed of play.


1.  Review of games with recommendations
The coaches will be reviewing games submitted by the students emphasizing areas of weakness for the student to study. Avrukh, Dlugy and Karpov.
2.  Games presented by coaches:
Anatoly Karpov will be showcasing some of his most incisive games, with explanations of his thought process.
3.  Opening Laboratory:
Students will be able to request an opening topic to be discussed by the panel of coaches with Boris Avrukh leading the discussion.
4.  Middlegame improvement:
Key ideas such as Prophylactic Thinking, Maneuvering, When to trade, In-Between-Moves, Quiet Moves will be discussed with focus on how to use the toolbox of these ideas during your games. Maxim Dlugy will be leading this theme.
5.  Endgame Improvement: Anatoly Karpov will be presenting some of his best endgame play, while Maxim Dlugy will focus on important endgame concepts that will make you a better endgame player.

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